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Lack of awareness and excessive intake of protein lead to rise in kidney ailments

Lack of awareness and excessive intake of protein lead to rise in kidney ailments

New Delhi: Excessive consumption of protein can have unwanted side effects on the kidney.

Since kidney disease often goes undiagnosed, one should not take additional protein supplements without proper consultation. But many skip this, which leads to chronic kidney disease," Dr RK Yadav, Assitant Professor, Nephrology, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS).

Nephrologists warn that high doses of protein powder over a long period of time causes stress on kidneys.

"An excessively increased amount of protein intake causes the organ to work harder to compensate. Overuse of protein powders can lead to developing kidney stones and kidney failure," Dr Jugal Kishore, Director and Professor head, community medicine, Safdarjung Hospital said.

"Most of the gym instructor are spreading the wrong information to young gym goer, while suggesting the high dose of protein ignoring the aftermath. They also instruct the participant to intake less water and simultaneously pushing high dose of protein to increase the muscle mass which lead to heavy toll upon the kidney. Basically kidney needs water to function their role," Dr Kishore added.

Many youngster are suffering from hypertension, using pain killer and also going to gym on supplement dose are more prone to develop the kidney ailment, Dr Yadav added.

"We need awareness among our youngster as they easy prey to renal disorder. Every OPD session, we notice atleast a teen age patients are suffer of protein aftermath, Dr Yadav highlighted.

"Many young men take protein supplements like protein shakes, protein pills, anabolic steroids as it gives them biceps, six packs in a short duration. This gradually leads to kidney failure, many do not realise.

He added, "Kidney disease hardly shows any symptoms until it has progressed to such an extent that dialysis remains the only option," Dr Yadav


Dr Yadav further informed that anybody with diabetes, hypertension and obesity as well as smokers and those above 50 years and with a family history of such diseases are at risk of kidney disease. Those who frequently urinate in the night, have joint disorders or swelling in the feet and face should also get screened once in six months.

"Any person with the kidney ailment, does not mean the end of the world. We have treatment available which can give them the new hope," he added.

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