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Kin overcome with grief while identifying loved ones

New Delhi: Bangles, clothes and other accessories belonging to the deceased workers at the factory in Bawana helped their kin identify their charred bodies.
On Sunday, at Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital, where the post-mortem was conducted, relatives of the victims were inconsolable.
Runchi, the daughter of deceased Baby Devi, sat on a chair, while her brother awaited anxiously for their mother's post-mortem.
"My mother made food for us and then left for the factory. She wanted that her children do not remain hungry," said 18-year-old Chintu, Baby Devi's son.
Around 9 pm on Saturday, he was informed of the incident, after which he reached the hospital at the earliest with a relative Kailash.
"After I saw her bangles and red clothes, I realised it was Baby who died," said Kailash.
Next to Kailash was Laxman, the son 70-year-old Rajjo, another woman who died in the fire. Laxman was able to identify his mother by the yellow colour of her clothes.
Afsana, 35, had joined the factory just a few days ago to provide for her family. Her untimely death broke her husband Mukhtiyar's spirit, who was sobbing uncontrollably at the hospital, as a lady constable tried consoling him.
"She was wearing pink color clothes, through which we identified her," said a relative of Afsana.
Bantu Lal's daughter Sonam had got engaged last November and their family had been preparing for her upcoming nuptials. On Sunday, however, he recognised his 23-year-old daughter's body with the engagement ring on her finger.
''I have no words to say. I was dreaming of happily marrying off my daughter and now I am standing here for her body," said the heartbroken Bantu.
Family members of some of the victims told Millennium Post that the factory's security guard used to lock the room where the deceased used to work.
''The workers came to factory around 9 AM and enter a room, which would be locked by the guard. It would open only after 9 pm, when the work was over. Chances are that on Saturday, the room was locked and they were not able to escape," said Deepu, the brother of 18-year-old Reeta, another deceased.
Meanwhile, Raju said that his brother Rakesh had been missing since the incident, with no sign of his whereabouts. On Sunday, DCP Rajneesh Gupta said that there were two workers who sustained injuries
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