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Kidnappers had a meticulous plan

New Delhi: The accused involved in the kidnapping of the minor school boy case had started planning for the kidnapping about two weeks ago. The plan was meticulous but visiting a friend's wedding led them to the police net. Police sources told the Millennium Post that they had a tip-off that one of the accused will come to take food packet from an area but later another information came that the accused Nitin will attend his friend's wedding. "After getting the information, all the possible wedding ceremony and hotels were checked and security was increased," said the police source.
Police found the accused who was in a drunken state and driving a car at full speed. The police team had made proper arrangements to nab the accused. ''He was driving rashly. We suspected that he was knowing that he was being chased and soon his vehicle hit our car and then he was nabbed. The accused took him to the main place where the child was kept," said a police official. After the vehicle was hit, the accused tried to call his associates for further action but the team made sure that no call was going through the phone.
When Nitin knocked at the door where the child was kept and the accused who was waiting in the flat opened the door but suspected some foul play so he went back and started firing at the gate. "We told him to leave the child and surrender but they did not pay any heed to our requests. So, the police team took action and rescued the boy," said a police official.
Police sources claimed that the accused were knowing that they will get the ransom and the child's father was also thinking to give the ransom but the police assured the parents that they will rescue the child. "Whenever one of the accused would go outside, they used to remain in the constant through Whats App. Their family members will be questioned. One of the main reasons for the kidnapping is that the accused wanted to maintain a lavish lifestyle and he had a girlfriend," said a police source.
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