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Key-makers jammed locks to burgle houses in west Delhi

NEW DELHI: Three robbers were arrested who used to steal valuables from cupboards on the pretext of repairing locks in residential areas.
One could easily mistake them to be the key makers when they hawk to repair locks or make keys but it was not the real identity they had.
The gang which moved in a group of two later gained entry into the houses to repair locks and engage the owners into talks.
Once they become casual, the men then stole the valuables from the almirah and jammed the locks intentionally so that the house owner could not instantly open the almirah.
Following that they moved out on the pretext of calling their friend or to bring some more equipments but never returned.
The arrest was made on September 26 and several cases of house theft in west Delhi have been solved.
The gang members used to come to Delhi by trains, stay in a budget hotel in Paharganj area and roam in residential areas hawking for lock or key repairing.
If their plan is executed well and successful, they immediately would leave for their home, otherwise would stay at least for 15-20 days in their single visit.
"They left the hotel in morning in a pair of two for different parts and return by 6-7 pm.
"One of the unique precautionary measures they adopt is that if any of the members does not return to hotel by 8 pm without any information, they immediately check-out from hotel for fear of interception by police," said DCP West Vijay Kumar.
"Thereafter, they either return to their village or leave that particular area for time being and keep lurking till next development," Kumar added.
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