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Kejriwal government will make 13 dangerous intersections safe in Delhi

Kejriwal government will make 13 dangerous intersections safe in Delhi

New Delhi: The roads of Delhi will now be safer than before. 13 dangerous intersections and blackspots will be made safe by the Kejriwal government. Let us know about the complete scheme.

1,500 people were killed in 2019

In 2019, 1463 people lost their lives in road accidents in Delhi. During Covid 19, the number of accidents has come down by 13.5 percent and the death rate has come down by 13.43. In such a situation, it was decided to make the roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. The roads of Delhi will be made the safest in the country by the Kejriwal government.

13 intersections will be made safe within two years

In the next 2 years, 8 blackspots and 5 accident-prone areas in different districts of the city will be made safe. The Kejriwal government has tied up with Save Life Foundation to reduce injuries and deaths due to road accidents in the city. The zero fatality corridor model has been extended to other parts of the city as well.

Benefits gained from the agreement made two years ago

In 2018, the Transport Department of the Government of Delhi signed an MoU for two years with Save Life Foundation to improve road safety in the city. Subsequently, blackspots were identified on the Outer Ring Road, and a test was conducted at Bhalswa Chowk to reduce road accidents. Roads at Bhalswa Chowk were redesigned. After which the traffic also became smooth and there was no incident of a road accident. Redesigning and identifying blackspots reduced pedestrian risk by 70 percent. Apart from this, there was a reduction of up to 100 percent in road accident deaths. Testing was conducted on 12000 people including nearby school children.

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