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Keep yourself safe from smog as it is dangerous for lungs' health

Keep yourself safe from smog as it is dangerous for lungs health

New Delhi: Thick haze has enveloped Delhi and nearby areas, with levels of PM10, a measure of pollution, being eight times the permissible limit. The air quality is severely bad and it could spell disaster for respiratory health of the people.

Dr Arvind Kumar, director, Institute of Robotic surgery and chairman, Center for Chest Surgery and Lung Transplantation at Sir Gangaram Hospital, says, "Exposure to pollution over longer period of time is also one of the reasons for developing lung cancer. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in India effecting around 63,000 people every year. The particles present in the air that we are breathing will definitely go inside and harm us."

He said that the smog is equally fatal like the smoke of the cigarette which contains all the particles to cause cancer. The smog makes acute and long-term damage to health. In the long-term, the particle deposit in the lungs would harm in certain way when there would have no chances remaining to cure the disorder." One of the easiest precautions we can take to reduce the impact is to wear a N95 grade mask, which fits snugly around the mouth and nose, so that all air passes through the mask. A basic surgical mask actually offers no protection against air-pollutants and microbes. To avoid indoor air pollution, say yes to potted plants. Surround your home with areca palm, rubber plant and peace lilies.

Air pollution has adverse health effects for everyone, but people in more sensitive groups may want to get more protection. If they live in areas with large amounts of industrial pollution, they should keep their windows closed. Also quit indoor smoking, which is a big cause of indoor air pollution.

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