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Juvenile attempted rape, killed woman and son on resistance

NEW DELHI: A juvenile has been apprehended for the brutal murder of his aunt and her 4-year-old son in Patel Nagar. It is said that the juvenile attempted a sexual assault on his aunt and when the woman resisted he hit her with a stone on her head leaving her bleeding profusely. When her four-year-old son woke up and recognised the juvenile, he murdered him too by hanging him from the ceiling fan.

Police grew suspicious about the role of the juvenile after seeing bite marks on his leg. Though he tried to mislead Delhi Police by giving various explanations but his selfie recovered from the mobile of the deceased taken minutes before the murder blew his lies. The woman and her 4-year-old son were found dead on May 30 in their rented accommodation in Patel Nagar in central Delhi.

The inspection of the scene of crime and examination of witnesses indicated that some close contact of the family of the deceased might be involved in this brutal double murder since the entry to scene of crime seemed to be friendly.

The juvenile, cousin brother of the woman's husband said that on the day of the incident, he attempted to make a sexual assault with the deceased to which she resisted strongly. During this resistance, the juvenile received minor injuries. He got annoyed and hit on the face of the deceased 2-3 times with the stone. She became semi-unconscious. In the meantime, the son of the deceased woman woke up and told that he will tell this story to his father.

"Being afraid of the child witness, the juvenile strangulated the child. Then, he stood on the bed and attempted to hang the child from the ceiling fan. In the meantime, the woman became conscious and on seeing that her son was being hanged by the assailant juvenile, she bit on the leg of the assailant to save her son. The juvenile then slit the throat of the deceased by a knife," DCP Central MS Randhawa said.

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