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JNUTA blames administration for existing campus situation

New Delhi: Several rounds of protests against the attendance rule of the JNU, supported by sections of students and faculty, are completely baseless and against the rules and regulations of the University Grants Commission, said JNU administration. Whereas, the teachers' association (JNUTA) leveled its allegation over the administration that the despite writing so many letters to the VC to resolve the existing situation on campus, the teachers association has not received any response.
Whereas, student community is having harder face to counter the sexual harassment in the campus, "it has come to the notice of the JNUSU that another senior professor, Professor Lama, has been accused of sexual harassment, JNUSU statement said. Meanwhile, JNUSU believes that any person holding a position of power must be suspended till an enquiry is not completed fairly. It is applicable to all cases and for the JNUSU which led the December 16 movement, it is a principle that will not be compromised on any grounds," JNUSU statement added.
Agitating students said that what is unfortunate however is that a particular organisation with vested interests has sought to use this matter to portray the entire movement to suspend professor Johri as a political conspiracy. He added that this is a serious insinuation that has been levelled against not just the JNUSU but each of the eight complainants who are leading the fight for justice.
Another student questioned that the role of the ICC has once again been deplorable as confidential emails have been leaked and till now no restraint orders have been issued by the nominated body. It is important to note that despite the complaint being made in January, ICC not acting shows how ineffective ICC as a body is to deal with sexual harassment.
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