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JNUSU chief's MPhil evaluation blocked

JNUSU chiefs MPhil evaluation blocked

New Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union (JNUSU) N Sai Balai president alleges that due to two pending enquires the JNU adminstration has blocked his MPhil evaluation. Balaji is currently facing two enquiries; one among them being raising slogans such as Modi murdabad, VC murdabad, RSS-ABVP murdabad. He is also facing enquiries for taking part in the march called by contract workers in JNU to celebrate the Court's order for "Equal Work, Equal Pay" and for opposing the JNU admin's Online Entrance Scam. Similarly activists and students have been also facing similar harassment from the administration through false politically motivated cases, said in JNUSU statement.

The statement further said that it must be seen as part of the attempt by the central govt to silence voices critical of the BJP-RSS. In JNU, Modi government is trying to silence the voice of students against the anti-student govt by directly attacking the students' representative, the JNUSU President, by blocking his MPhil evaluation through its stooge JNU VC. Seven faculty appointed by the JNU VC has been charged with plagiarism. It is ironic how the same JNU VC is blocking MPhil evaluation of a student who has worked hard towards his MPhil.

"It is not just the students who is facing the wrath of central government, teachers are also facing the heat and new notices being slapped on them every other days. Teachers who are opposing the JNU VC's agenda of saffronisation and corporatisation of JNU and attempts to destroy the democratic decision making process of JNU are being threatened with salary cuts, disciplinary actions," JNUSU statement said.

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