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JNU student alleges molestation by professor

New Delhi: Yet in another molestation case reported in Delhi, a JNU student alleged that a professor of JNU molested and abused her publicly at Sabarmati Dhabha.
The incident occurred on October 10. Moreover, the student alleges that the professor made sexist remark against her and pushed her from front.
Moreover, the student said in the complaint that despite being the victim of molestation, the proctor office sent a mail for conducting an inquiry. However, the proctor blamed the student for the entire episode.
According to the complaint, the incident took place on October 10 when student union was protesting outside IHA against the hostel raids on girls' hostel, which was conducted under the leadership of the alleged Professor.
"While the protest was going on in front of Dean of Student office an outsider person was caught by students taking pictures particularly of girls students," said Geeta Kumari, president, JNUSU. She added that they were protesting against the unauthorized intrusion. She further questioned the concerned person and asserted that he was friend of Professor.
The victim also informed that after the protest got over, she came back to her hostel Shipra and noticed that NAAC team was there in her hostel to talk to the residents of the hostels.
"I saw professor was accompanying them. Many students complained to NAAC team against the harassment of girl students by that professor in past few days," she alleged in the complaint.
On October 10, in the evening around 7pm at Sabarmati Dabha, "We were sitting along with few other friends having tea, the professor, came there along with few ABVP activists and started pointing finger at me. Initially, I ignored their suggestive gestures but they kept doing it. Since, they continued doing the same I along with many other students started sloganeering. Many students started gathering with us and from the other side ABVP activists joined the teacher side, meanwhile few started catching the moments in their mobile phone," the student wrote in complaint.
She further said an activist of ABVP on behest of teacher snatched the phone of one boy making the video and threatened him to delete the video, this infuriated the students and echoed sloganeering raised.
"I am seeing you since morning bitch and he pushed me by my chest. Many students came forward me to help me. Despite all this, few ABVP activists started laughing towards me and when I asked to maintain the decorum they asserted that they will laugh and no one can stop them," the victim quoted in her complaint.
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