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It's time to throw out Modi govt, says Arvind Kejriwal

Its time to throw out Modi govt, says Arvind Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: With the Lok Sabha poll around the corner AAP national convenor, Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday held the mega opposition rally called "Tanasahi hatao, desh bachao". From the rally, Delhi Chief Minister asked the citizens to come together to "throw out" Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Central government. "Our anti-corruption movement started from here (Jantar Mantar). It saw PM Modi government coming to power. Now it's time to throw out Modi government from here," said the Delhi Chief Minister. He added, "We didn't bring down corruption, we finished it. Modiji locked up our anti-corruption branch. We want to tell Modi: You are not Pakistan PM, you are India's PM. Who would want to attack Delhi like this? Only Pakistan".

Delhi Chief Minister also criticised that Centre for sending the 40 CBI officers in the West Bengal to allegedly arrest the Police Commissioner. "Sending 40 CBI officers to Kolkata an attack on West Bengal government. West Bengal is not Modi's heirloom. Modi sent CBI to arrest Kolkata police commissioner to send the message among all police officer that they should only fear PM Modi. I salute Mamataji for chasing the CBI team," he said.

Delhi CM Kejriwal flashed Ministry of Defence file noting citing a media report. "Does it behove a PM to be sitting with an aviation company to decide the price of a fighter?" he questions. Narendra Modi should speak the truth on Rafale jet deal. As PM he is accountable to the nation," CM Kejriwal said. Delhi Chief Minister also attacked the Prime Minister over his educational qualification. "Don't vote for 12th pass, please elect an educated man. P Modi trying to tear apart Constitution, destroy democracy, alleged CM Kejriwal.

Along with CM Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi's deputy CM Manish Sisodia, MP Sanjay Singh, other Cabinet ministers of Delhi and leaders of AAP were also present. "India is going through a democratic crisis and we are here to fight against the Center because they ruining the democracy. Education, health and all the institutions are under fear. We have to stop this," said the Deputy CM.

Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh who also led the whole program explained the need of this rally and said that this was not to chose a Prime Minister but to get rid of the current regime. Almost a month after Mamata Banerjee's mega opposition rally, AAP hosted anti-BJP parties on Wednesday in a show of strength ahead of the Lok Sabha election this summer.

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