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It will split the nation: Tiwari on Cong manifesto

New Delhi: Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari issued a strong statement on Tuesday criticizing the Indian National Congress' Lok Sabha manifesto for the upcoming polls. Congress released its manifesto, titled "Hum Nibhayenge" ("we will deliver") on Tuesday afternoon, promising a host of things, including a minimum wage scheme for poor families and amendments to the AFSPA, to which BJP members have shown great disdain.

In his strongly worded criticism of the Congress and its new manifesto, Tiwari said, "the only historic thing about this manifesto is how it will be responsible for Congress' historical loss this election."

Accusing the party of deliberately trying to split the nation, the MP from North-East Delhi said that the Congress manifesto is a recipe created to specifically attack the armed forces of India. Tiwari said, "The election manifesto of Congress party also says that it will abolish the provision of sedition and special powers under AFPSA will be reviewed. It proves that Congress is with the enemies of the country. Congress should be ashamed on the fact that the Kashmir is with India only due to the sacrifice of our armed forces and it is very disappointing that the Congress wants to take away the powers of the armed forces and talk to the separatists," he added.

In the statement, Tiwari goes on to praise the current government's work during the last term and adds that this work will be the reason for their landslide victory in 2019. The statement further read, "Our popular Prime Minister has honestly worked hard for the welfare of the last man in the society during his five-year-term and due to this the trust of the people in our Government has strengthened."

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