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Iraqi national kills two puppies by throwing them off eighth floor

Gurugram: Two puppies aged just nine months were thrown from the eighth floor of the Gurugram residential society on Monday. The complainants in the matter have alleged that the gruesome act was done by their owner who is an Iraqi national and works in the prominent private hospital in the city. The Gurugram police on their part have lodged the complaint and begun their investigations.

After the incident, most of the animal activists began posting about the news on the social media and asked the law enforcement officials to act swiftly in the matter.

As of now, it has not been made clear of what was the real reason for the person to commit such a gruesome act. While there are some who have said that the act was committed in the fit of rage there are also who have highlighted that this was done for the sake of fun.

"We will actively pursue the case and will make sure that the guilty are brought to book. You can just imagine the pain these dogs may have gone through. Puppies of ages of just nine -months were thrown from such a height. The Post mortem revealed that the internal organs were truly ruptured," said Akshima one of the animal activists.

Cruelty against dogs in Gurugram is not a new phenomenon. Recently in April, it was reported that around 10 pariah dogs of ages nine to ten years were beaten to death in the upscale society. The animal activists allege that initially, the Gurugramm police were not willing to even initiate an investigation into the case but repeated pressure resulted in the filing and beginning of investigations. The case is still being investigated.

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