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Inspired by movies, accused hatched plan to kill drivers

Inspired by movies, accused hatched plan to kill drivers

New Delhi: "During interrogation, accused claimed that in order to avoid police detection, they took autorickshaw drivers far away from the city to rob and later, to avoid suspicion, they committed the murder," said the investigators who are probing the two murder cases committed by Shiv Kumar with his sister Neelam (brother and sister duo) who were arrested on February 20.

Investigators told Millennium Post that during interrogation, accused claimed that they have prepared the deadly plan by watching several movies and crime shows.

During night, around 7 pm or 9 pm, they left their house in order to search target, mostly drunken autorickshaw driver whom they can easily overpower.

"Neelam used to distract the drivers before his brother attacked them," a police officer said. Investigator further added that during killings, they switched off their phone and also they did not commit any robbery or killing nearby their home as might have been detected by police.

"So they took drivers far away from the city," added police officer.

When asked about the accused's family background, another officer claimed that the family has six sisters and two brothers and all are doing petty jobs.

"Shiv Kumar works as an electrician as well as a salesman for the private company," the police officer said adding that the arrest came only after their movement was found during odd hours at the day of the incident.

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