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Inspired by crime show, man kills minor girl who saw him stealing

Inspired by crime show, man kills minor girl who saw him stealing

New Delhi: One person has been arrested in connection with the murder of a minor girl on the eve of New Year in Khayala in West Delhi. Police said that the accused was inspired by a crime series on TV.

The accused has been identified as 34-year-old Parvinder Singh and the motive was robbery.

On sustained interrogation, the accused disclosed that the family members of the deceased were having blind faith on him.

Thus, he was having easy access into the house of the deceased. About one week back, while he was present inside the house of deceased, he saw Sukho Devi— mother of deceased—keeping a bag full of jewellery inside almirah. He immediately started planning to steal the jewellery as he was in dire need of money. On the eve of December 31 at around 7 pm, he entered the house of the deceased after assuring himself that none other than deceased is present.

"As deceased Pooja was present in another room, he started stealing jewellery from almirah. However, Pooja saw him stealing and objected to the same. He was frightened and strangled her throat with the help of a nylon rope," said Monika Bhardwaj, DCP West.

Further, in order to ensure that she died, he slit her throat with the help of a house knife and left with jewellery, cash, blood-stained knife and with other articles.

"He also disclosed that he has purchased plastic gloves in order to conceal his fingerprints.

Accused picked this idea after watching a series of crime patrol on TV. After committing the crime accused left that place and had hidden the articles on the terrace of his house," said DCP West Monika Bhardwaj. The robbed gold jewellery has been recovered.

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