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Influx of migrants among major factors for rise in crime

New Delhi: Socio-economic disparity and high influx of migrant population is one of the major factors of a critical carcinogenic problem in the national Capital, city police said in its Annual Press Conference on Thursday.
The Delhi Police in its slide presentation mentions the migrants as one of the factors that directly affecting the crime in Delhi.
The cops have noticed that disparity in income, unemployment and under employment are the key factors that lead youth towards crime Delhi.
"When we talk about Delhi, the size and the heterogeneous nature of the population, materialism and socio-economic imbalances together with unplanned urbanisation with a substantial population living in Jhuggis, kacchi colonies and lack of basic civic amenities are important factors affecting crime in Delhi," said RP Upadhyaya, Special Commissioner of Police. Cops pointed out that the urban anonymity and slack family control also amounts to increase in the crime in the city.
"We could also say that easy accessibility means of escape to criminals from across the border and extended hinterland in the NCR region also affects crime in the capital," Upadhyaya added.
In its data, Delhi Police have also analysed that proximity in a location of colonies of the affluent and the under privileged also affects the crime scenario in the Capital.
Cops say that the mega city life often attracts youths to crime since they could often meet their high end demands through unfair means.
"Porous borders are offering easy means of escape to criminals from across the border. The floating population in Delhi which come with an intention to commit crime is a serious area of concern for us," Upadhyaya further said.
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