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India has been under undeclared emergency since May 2014: CM

India has been under undeclared emergency since May 2014: CM

NEW DELHI: National Convenor of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a tweet on Friday said that since the BJP government came to power, the country has been living in an undeclared emergency. "As BJP government's tenure comes to an end, it has crossed all limits of ethics. The Government's decision to monitor the public's computers are in violation of constitutional rights of the public," noted AAP in a statement. "India has been under undeclared emergency since May 2014, now in its last couple of months, Modi govt is crossing all limits by seeking control of even the citizen's computers. Can such curtailment of fundamental rights be tolerated in the world's largest democracy?", tweeted the CM.

The AAP leaders noted that it is not hidden from anyone that the BJP has misused all the government institutions of the country for its political advantage. Whether it is the RBI, the CBI, the ACB or other government institutions in the country. The BJP has misled these institutions for its personal benefit. Today the situation of the RBI has become so tragic that two successive governors in the RBI left their position after being troubled by the BJP's dictatorship.

"This lends legitimacy not only to the invasion of privacy but to a total breach of privacy as well. Many of the aforementioned agencies have witnessed a significant loss in credibility as they are infamous for indulging in unlawful activities at the behest of Modi government. These agencies are also known to snoop illegally and now with this order, their actions have been provided legal impunity," said Delhi MP and senior leader of AAP, ND Gupta. He added that this draconian order is a tool of the Modi government to undermine democracy right before upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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