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In two years, waste generation in Gurugram increased from 700 to 1200 tonnes

In two years, waste generation in Gurugram increased from 700 to 1200 tonnes

Gurugram: A walk through the streets of Gurugram especially old parts of the cit may have forced you to put your hands to cover your nose in order to avoid unbearable stench lying on the roads.

The challenge of waste management again troubled the residents as there was a strike of sanitation workers. A bigger difficulty that lied in front of the administration is an increase n the production from the city and how a proper mechanism has still not set in its management.

In just two years, waste in Gurugram has increased from 700 to 1,200 tonnes.

Not only is the garbage not being collected but it is also not being recycled and the waste from Gurugram and Faridabad is only adding to the mounds of garbage being piled up at Bandhwari. Inability to manage the waste is also leading to a large number of complaints of open burning of the garbage.

On its part, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has sounded optimistic that steps are being taken to ensure citizens effectively segregate waste generated in their homes not many seem to be impressed by the claims of the MCG.

Under the process of composting, the resident bodies have been explained to keep two separate bins of red colour and green colour for segregation of the waste.

The green bin will contain all the bio-degradable waste products like kitchen waste, food waste, and horticulture waste. The Red bin will contain non-biodegradable waste and recyclable dry waste products like paper, bulb, tube lights, plastic, glass a, d wooden materials.

The materials are then processed to make various biodegradable materials like manure, utensils, and bags.

With the decomposition of plastic waste also being a major issue some of the residents have also taken up in recycling the plastic waste which is in the initial stages.

Most of the environmental activists and members of resident welfare associations have claimed of the slow progress by MCG towards improving the situation at Bandhwari landfill site.

Further, there have also been complaints that how vacant areas around the colonies are being used by the MCG officials to dump the garbage.

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