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In seven days, nearly 460 swine flu cases reported

In seven days, nearly 460 swine flu cases reported

New Delhi: Nearly 460 positive swine flu cases have been reported from the city in barely seven days and more cases are expected to be reported in the coming weeks. According to the report, since January, the patients suffering from the Swine flu has crossed 2,700 till February 24 in Delhi. Moreover, Health experts claim that the season for swine flu is far from over as of now. With environmental conditions favourable to the growth of the virus, the season for influenza A H1N1 virus to thrive will continue for at least another month.

Advising caution, experts of communicable diseases have said that adequate precautions need to be taken by people to remain safe from the virus which grows in temperatures below 25 degree Celsius and when the wind is moisture-laden. It will not be until Holi-when weather conditions will change for the long term-that the virus will frizzle out. "The season for swine flu is not over yet and the current weather conditions are helping in its growth. At this time, people need to be on their guard, wash their hands after sneezing, coughing or touching objects that may have been in contact of infected people. Following simple steps can keep the virus at bay," said the expert.

"Current environment conditions are good for the virus. Until the temperature rises and stays so on a continuum and moisture is lost from the wind, swine flu cases will keep coming in. That weather change will happen around Holi," said the expert.

Using one's elbow to cover the nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing and using a sanitiser and mask if suffering from a cold will go a long way in curtailing the spread of the flu virus. "It is a communicable disease and if people adhere to precautionary measures, they can save themselves and others. The virus is in the atmosphere and nothing can be done about it. It is on the public to be safe. The health department is geared to fight the disease with all medicines, vaccines and treatment machinery," said an official.

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