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In less than 4 days, another mob attack reported in Gurugram

Gururgam: In less than four days there has been another mob attack in Gurugram. In the latest incident, the mob attacked two brothers after they got in the confrontation.

The incident occurred at Baldev Nagar in Old Gurugram when the two brothers got in a confrontation with a group of youngsters who were littering around their house.

After they raised the objection around 10 people in a group began to beat the brothers.

The two brothers who have sustained injuries on their head and back were admitted to the hospital where they are presently getting the treatment.

Meanwhile, the case has been registered at the New Colony police station against the unidentified people who had initiated the violence.

As of now, three people have been arrested by the police.

"We have registered the case under Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code and have also carried out certain arrests. We will soon also get hold of the people who have been involved in the act," said a police official of Gurugram police.

On pediatrician was thrashed by unidentified men near Ardee City on May 11. Dr Nurul, originally from Uttarakhand and living near Wazirabad village in Sector 52, filed the complaint and mentioned he came to Ardee City to buy milk in the evening for


For long a greater challenge for the law enforcement officials is how the crimes and acts of indiscipline in the past are being conducted not by individuals but a group of five to ten people.

Such has been a brazenness of these groups in the past they have not even shied away from attacking the policemen.

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