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In just three months, Gurugram reported 30 cases of sexual crime against minors

Gurugram: If the recent cases of Kathua and Surat were not enough, there was another horrendous incident of brutal rape and murder of a minor in Rohtak. The incident has come to light at a time when the Haryana government has already passed the law of awarding the death penalty to a person who rapes a minor below 12 years of age. Situation does not seem to be favourable for the security of minors even in the Millennium city of Gurugram. In just three months from January to March, there have already been 30 cases of sexual crimes against minors in the city.
Gurugram along with neighbouring Faridabad is leading in terms of sexual crimes against minors. In 2017, there were 106 cases of sexual crimes against minors while in 2016 there were 115. Not only sexual crimes but the law enforcement officials also have to deal with increased cases of human trafficking.
In 2017, 154 minors were kidnapped from the city out of which 115 were girls. In the period of 2012 to 2017 over 1,062 children have been kidnapped out of which 677 are girls. According to Gurugram police, the gangs from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are highly active in committing such crimes. For a city where there were over 100 cases of sexual assault against minors, law enforcement officials highlight the challenges in conviction of the criminals. Citing the difficulties, officials mention that there is a need to set up fast track courts so that the convictions can be secured at a quicker pace.
Another difficulty raised by the officials in dealing with such crimes is gathering concrete evidences and making the victim and their family mentally and physically fit to testify in the court proceedings that can extend up to a minimum one to two years. Officials also indicate that in over 80 per cent of the cases, the culprit knows the rape survivor well. Therefore in the long duration of the legal proceedings, the victims' family seeks compromise and does not wish to carry on with the legal case. "It is unfortunate but people from all strata of society are today indulging in this form of crime. One main reason why people are choosing to sexually assault minors is because they know it is easier for them to intimidate their victims and get away with the crime," said a senior police officials from Gurugram police.
Providing more details about the rapists who have been caught in the past, the official said, "There are several categories of rapists. In our interrogation, one person raped an infant as he was unemployed and was advised that upon committing this act he may get a job. There was another case where a person was impotent and he committed this crime just to vent out his anger."
The phenomenon of minors being kidnapped, held captive in dingy rooms, gang raped multiple times has also been witnessed in Gurugram before. Last year in February, the Gurugram police arrested three culprits named Mohsin, Mukhatar Ali and Jalil. Mohsin first kidnapped an infant and brought her to Sector 43 slums where she was raped by Mohsin and other accomplices. After tormenting her several times by their heinous act, the three killed the infant and dumped her body in the water tank near Sushant Lok. The incident had raised a huge outcry among the resident of the city who had raised aspersions on the law and order in Gurugram.

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