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In 2017, criminals made merry in Gurugram

Gurugram: Among the major law and order problems that plague the Millennium City, Gurugram Police's hands in 2018 would be busy tackling burglary cases, which have been on the rise in the district.
In 2017, the number of theft cases rose to 1,517, from 1,219 cases recorded in 2016.
However, the more worrying trend is that more than 4,000 cases of automobile thefts were reported in 2017.
This number too was much higher than the 3,649 cases recorded in 2016.
A more serious cause of concern for the citizens and law enforcement officials of Gurugram is that most crimes were so brazen that they were committed not only on busy traffic routes, but even in well-guarded condominium societies.
In December, numerous incidents of cars being stolen at gunpoint reported.
One such high-profile case included the theft of an Audi car from Golf Course road, one of the busiest routes in the city.
In another daring incident, a group of unidentified burglars had struck a house at the tenth floor of the condominium society, where the family had gone to Kerala for vacationing.
"Most burglars that have been caught by our team belong to Mewat. However, there are also gangs from Rajasthan and Delhi, who are involved in vehicle thefts.
"Unlike earlier, where vehicle thefts used to be carried out by two or three skilled robbers, now there are groups of five to ten robbers who commit the crime," said a senior official from Gurugram police
"As there are a large numbers of robbers from outside areas now who are involved in criminal activities, it has become a challenge for us to catch hold of them," another senior police official told Millennium Post.
There were also incidents of burglaries wherein the culprits murdered their victims.
The victims in two such cases included a 54-year-old widow and a senior manager in a multinational companies, who were murdered after their houses were looted.
To check the rising incidents of crimes, most resident welfare associations in Gurugram are now recruiting personnel from private security companies.
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