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If harnessed well, thousands of homes can be lit through solar power in Gurugram

Gurugram : For a city that is plagued with long duration of power cuts in each summer, there is always a debate of developing alternate forms of energy. Even though solar power has gained traction in the city, bureaucratic delays and higher cost have hindered the desired outcome.

A recent report on the prospects of solar energy in Gurugram however has entailed that if harnessed well, solar power can produce 100 megawatts of power that is enough to provide electricty to thousands of homes in the city. Moreover, 6 kilowatts of power can be produced every hour through solar power.

The report that has been prepared by the Centre for Science and Enviornment (CSE) highlights that out of 365 days, the city receives 320 days of sunlight. There are 600 solar projects that are slated to be launched in Gurugram for this purpose. The head of the state also mentioned that while in 2022 the country has set the target to produce one lakh megawatt of solar power, the state has set a goal of producing 4,000 megawatts.

With the Haryana government expected to give subsidies, the public agencies in the city are expected to begin talks with official members of condominium societies, malls, and commercial offices. There are plans to also work in coordination with the private builders to develop solar power facilities in new housing and commercial spaces.

In the past, the government agencies in Gurugram have provided various benefits to the buildings that adhere to the global environmental standards. The growth of solar power becomes all the more essential taking into consideration that the city has set a record of consumption of three crore units this summer.

Unable to bear the load, major part of the city faced outages for more than six to twelve hours on various occasions. As most of the colonies are yet to obtain the license from the state electricity board, they are getting electricity through diesel generators.

Despite the schemes and awareness, the project of the generation of solar power has failed to kick off in the Millennium city. There were plans to power the street lights in the city through solar power some of which can be seen around the DLF Phase-3 but again the project was not carried out on a large scale by the government agencies.

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