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'I have destroyed my life', Apoorva Tiwari to police

New Delhi: After confessing her husband's murder, Rohit Shekhar's Wife Apoorva Tiwari told the investigators that she had destroyed her own life. The police said that the accused covered the face of the deceased with a blanket and left room after the murder. A police officer closed to the investigation told Millennium Post that Apoorva Tiwari disclosed them that after marriage her life was already ruined. But after committing the murder she had completely destroyed her own life. Hours after the incident on April 16, Apoorva woke up late in the morning and started doing the daily routine. "She thought that people will think Rohit died due to heart attack," added the investigator.

According to police, on April 16 in the afternoon when Ujjawla Tiwari (Rohit Shekhar mother) asked about her son Apoorva replied that he was sleeping as he goes to sleep very late. During interrogation, she was well aware of the legal aspect as Apoorva Tiwari was himself a lawyer and well educated. "Political dream, family life, property all these dreams were crushed and led to regular arguments," police said.

The police said that Apoorva Tiwari had fought on the night of April 15 as well. She killed him around 1 am on April 16. Rohit Tiwari was brought dead to a hospital in New Delhi's Saket area on April 16. His autopsy report said Rohit Tiwari died of asphyxia as he was strangulated and smothered. Officers also went through footage from CCTV cameras installed in and around the house to ascertain the sequence of events and track people who entered the house.

Rohit and Apoorva had met through a marriage portal and later, on May 11, 2018, got married with the hope of a happy life but all the dreams started to crumble from the beginning of the marriage. Before all this, Rohit fought the intense legal battle for several years, with a hope to get recognition of being the biological son of ND Tiwari, a veteran politician and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

According to police, immediately after the marriage, the couple seemed to have had a fallout and Apoorva left for her parental home in Indore on May 29,2018.

After this, the distance between the two kept growing steadily. Apoorva spent most of her time away from husband's house in Defence Colony. They had an unhappy marriage.

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