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I am going to win: Romesh Sabharwal

As candidates from political parties gear up for the Delhi Assembly Polls on February 8, the war of words has started. In an interview with Nikita Jain of Millennium Post, Congress candidate from New Delhi Constituency Romesh Sabharwal says the current state government has misled the people. He also spoke about the condition of government servants and vows to work for their betterment if he comes in power. Excerpts:

What will be the issues that you would be focussing on in the constituency?

He has not done anything in the last six years and is a liar. He has misled the government servants. I will uphold the dignity of the government servants. I will see to it that he is not able to speak against the government servants. Introduction to schools will be done in my area. Why introduction schools are important in the area because of government servants. Our parents had no money, so we have only one thing and that is education. My parents were in the government sector, which is why I went to public school. Whereas who so ever has one government service as a parent they go to government school. So, there is a disparity there. Hence, I will upgrade the schools in my area and immediately remove the ban of the safai karamchari and other jobs in the NDMC. Zero percent home loans in the government sector because we pay so much NRA. For safai karamchari, ownership rights will be given. For dhobi ghats the domestic and electricity bill should be reduced from commercial to domestic.

What sort of performance are you expecting from Congress these elections?

I am going to win in my constituency. He is confining. Why is he coming to New Delhi now, he was taking us for granted. We will teach him a lesson. All dhobis and safar karamcharis have made their mind. All jhuggi clusters and people residing in servant quarters have made up their minds. I want a ban on people who don't belong to New Delhi. I request the Election Commission to interfere in this. Why should people from other states come? He is only hiring people from Haryana. It's sad to see this. How can a man like him be made an ideal?

When you talk about education, AAP has said that the conditions of schools and the health sector have improved...

He has done nothing in New Delhi, and if he has not done any work where is the upgradation, which is need of the hour. How will they believe he has done something in Delhi? I am challenging Kejriwal for an open debate, but he won't come. He is only a manipulator, he can be a good professional because he is using all these tools, the government machinery that is the basic reason.

What about the free electricity and water provided?

In NDMC, he has increased the rates and par with the whole city and he has given us the brutalised smart meters, which are running like a NASA rocket. He has no political mind, he is not fit for politics, he is the most morally corrupt man.

With the voting day almost here, what is your campaign strategy like?

I am making people aware of this man and how he is an anti-government servant person and he has spoken very badly about the Lokpal Bill. He has said we are all corrupt. In all walks of life, there is some kind of elements, doesn't mean we are all corrupt. So, he is a bogus man and a liar. If he has not performed in New Delhi how can he tell people he has performed in Delhi. All Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp – he is just misusing this technology. Who made the schools, if one constructs the schools, then only can a swimming pool be made inside it. He is saying all previous chief ministers have contributed nothing to Delhi's development and he is God.

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