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I am aam aadmi working in a team of motivated people to bring positive change: Naveen Jaihind

Naveen Jaihind, a social activist, became a part of India Against Corruption in 2011 and later became a member of Aam Aadmi Party which was formed in 2012. In 2014, he fought his first Lok Sabha elections from his home town Rohtak. He may have lost the elections but that did not deter him from playing a more active political role. In 2015, his political stature further grew in the party when he was appointed as the AAP state president of Haryana. As he prepares to fight from the bellwether seat of Faridabad Lok Sabha constituency in 2019, he spoke to Piyush Ohrie of Millennium Post on various issues. He talked about Haryana model of governance, issue of nationalism being raised in the elections, campaigning amid limited resources, issues plaguing Faridabad Lok Sabha constituency and the bitter truth of political parties ultimately resorting to caste politics for seeking votes from the electorate. Excerpts

In 2014 you fought your first Lok Sabha elections from your hometown Rohtak. You are now fighting 2019 general elections from Faridabad. In these five years how have you evolved as a politician and how is it reflected in your campaigning?

I do not consider myself as a politician. I am an aam aadmi working in a team of motivated and driven volunteers to bring positive change in the lives of people. It is these volunteers that campaign for the party.

Amid limited resources, how during your campaign trail are you trying to make sure that you reach out to the maximum number of people?

We have a motivated team of party workers who are determined to spread the message of our developmental works in Delhi despite lack of resources. We are making sure that our workers are present and visible in all the public place and market gatherings. They speak to the people who are there on the ground directly and make them aware of the works that have been done by the AAP government in the development of Delhi.

Taking a cue from the Delhi model of governance, what is your vision towards the creation of the Haryana model of governance?

The issues that used to plague the common citizens of Delhi are more or less the same that trouble the citizens of Haryana. Even in Haryana, the citizens demand 24 hours supply of power in reasonable rates, regular supply of clean drinking water and better sanitation systems. Rather than being dependent on private schools and hospitals, the citizens want excellent government schools and hospitals. AAP in Delhi has worked successfully on these aspects. Unlike Delhi law and order is a state subject and we would like to reform this system in the state. We will work on the problem of unemployment. We also want to work for the betterment of farmers who are definitely more in Haryana than in Delhi. 90 per cent of the Delhi model of governance can be successfully implemented in Haryana.

Haryana is a land of soldiers as well as farmers, what are your plans to take care of these major classes of citizens. The issue of nationalism has become a major point in these elections, what are your views about it?

In Delhi, we have a system wherein we provide Rs one crore to martyr's family. We wish to do in Haryana as well. As far as the farmers are concerned, the government has ensured that farming today is a loss-making venture. To begin with, the government has to be honest in trying to solve the agrarian crisis. A farmer today is debt-ridden and he is being forced to take more debts. The Kisaan fasal bima yojna brought by the government has further worsened the situation of the farmer. There is a need to incorporate newer forms of technology in farming which has not been done by the government.

The Central government did not do any development works so it has been a ploy to seek votes in the name of caste and religion. They are now doing in the name of soldiers and martyrs which is shameful. Citizens are now also asking questions that why the Pakistani Prime Minister is openly endorsing the re-election of Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister despite strike on their terror camps and killing many people in their country.

What are the problems of Faridabad Lok Sabha constituency? If elected as an MP, how do you wish to solve these problems?

Law & Order is a big problem in Faridabad. Pollution is also a major problem that needs to be tackled. Today because of pollution, a large number of children is facing respiratory problems. We will also prevent the destruction of Aravallis that forms the lungs of the city. Like Somnath Temple, Faridabad has been looted many times. I would like to prevent this loot. Today in the governance of self-proclaimed chowkidaars, the public agencies are not performing their job well and are just making money. Once we free these agencies from the so-called Chowkidars, we will work with the people and ensure that Faridabad is free of pollution and garbage.

Your decision to put Jaihind as your surname was done because you did not believe in playing caste politics. In this campaign trail, you have now begun to use pandit before your name, is caste, therefore, a necessity that has to be ultimately raised by the politicians?

Yeh ek kadva sach hai ki jaatiwaad hai (this a bitter truth that caste is a reality). Not only has the Chief Minister of Haryana but even the Prime Minister uses it during his election campaigns.

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