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Hyderabad to inspire Delhi's schools for underprivileged

NEW DELHI: After he went on a two-day visit to Hyderabad, Delhi Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam has asserted that he is likely to implement the 'Hyderabad model' of schools for the underprivileged and physically impaired children of Delhi.
"I like the way the government schools for the underprivileged, SC/ST and physically impaired children in Hyderabad are working and will like to implement the same for Delhi," Gautam said.
Talking to Millennium Post, Gautam elaborated that there are nearly 200 schools being run by the Telangana government and students there are doing well in terms of education.
"After the completion of their school, students are joining IITs and they are doing really well in English too," he said.
Gautam had visited some of these schools and discussed the teaching procedures with teachers. The minister, during his visit, also met students of to interact about their life, education and interests.
After the completion of his visit, he had tweeted, "Feeling happy to see the sitting arrangement and level of understanding of the students in the school run by Social Welfare department. I would like to implement this model in Delhi and involve my ideas too."
The minister said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, there is a lot of scope of development in the social welfare sector. He said Kejriwal always an aim to develop education for the underprivileged children in the Capital. Gautam is likely to discuss the matter with Kejriwal soon.
The Social Welfare department runs various schools in Delhi for underprivileged children, as well as for physically impaired students. "My first target is to ensure good buildings, sitting arrangement and other infrastructure to these school," Gautam said.
After he took charge of the Department, Gautam also came to learn that there is a huge staff crunch in all these schools. After being inspired by the 'Hyderabad model', he is also likely to focus on making these schools fully residential.
"In residential schools, it will be easier to provide an overall protection to these kids," he asserted.
The minister asserted that there is a lot of scope for improvement in the social welfare sector of Delhi.
During his Hyderabad visit, Gautam also learned the process of how Hyderabad became free of manual scavenging.
Gautam assured he will also implement the same model for Delhi to bring 100 per cent mechanisation of sewage cleaning.
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