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'How will you ensure DTC bus conductors go to riders to issue tickets,' HC asks govt

How will you ensure DTC bus   conductors go to riders to issue tickets, HC asks govt

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked the AAP government how it will ensure that conductors of DTC and cluster buses go to passengers to issue tickets as against the prevalent practice of people going to them. A bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao said that in the agreement between the Delhi government and the cluster bus operators, there is a clause which provides that conductors have to go to each passenger and issue them a ticket.

The court asked the government how it will ensure implementation of this clause in cluster and Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses where conductors are seen sitting in their seats and passengers go to them to buy the tickets. The issue was raised before the court in a PIL by Delhi resident Santosh Kumar who said conductors in DTC and cluster buses never move through the bus to ensure everyone has been issued a ticket and instead remain seated in their designated seat.

The petition, filed through advocate Jose Abraham, states that the conductors are not concerned with the difficulties faced by women with babies, physically disabled people and senior citizens who have to leave their seats and move to the rear of the bus to buy a ticket. Abraham said in several states, conductors move around the bus issuing tickets, but it is not the case in Delhi.

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