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Hi-tech thieves can open any car's door lock in 60-90 secs

Hi-tech thieves can open any cars door lock in 60-90 secs

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Thursday busted a gang of Hi-tech thieves who had stolen more than 25 SUVs from the different part of the city. The investigating agency claimed that with the help of a laptop and other gadgets they can remotely hack and jam the inbuilt electric security system of the vehicle while sitting in the other vehicle parked within a radius of 20 meters of the targetted vehicle.

Police identified the accused as Deepak (26), Ankit (28) and Rinku (27). Several sophisticated types of equipment including jammer to freeze the GPS mechanism installed in the vehicle as well as to jam and deactivate the inbuilt remote security system of the vehicle and gadgets to make new remote & breaking the locks and electronic ignition system of the car and cab used to commit crime were recovered from their possession.

The arrest was made by the team of Punjabi Bagh police station. Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Monika Bharadwaj stated that information was received that a recently stolen vehicle has been parked in the area of Uttam Nagar. Accordingly, a trap was laid. For about 15 hours, the police team kept a watch. "A Wagon-R Ola Cab came and stopped near the stolen Fortuner car. A person pretending to be a passenger and well-dressed got down from Ola Cab and opened the door of the Fortuner car. The team immediately overpowered the person, who was later on identified as Deepak," said DCP Monika.

She further stated that on seeing the police action, Ola Cab driver sped away from his car in order to escape away, which raised suspicion on the Ola Cab driver also. The team members immediately chased the Ola Cab and threw the tyre killer in front of Ola Cab, due to which the Wagon-R Cab was forced to stop. On further interrogation, the Ola Cab driver Ankit was found to be an associate of accused Deepak. Later their third associate was also nabbed. "They can open the door lock, manufacture the new magnetic key. CCTV footages of places of theft suggest that for the process, they took 60 to 90 seconds," said DCP West.

On further interrogation, they disclosed that in recent months, they had stolen more than 25 SUV vehicles from the areas of West, Outer and North-West Districts of Delhi. After committing theft, they used to transport the vehicle to Assam. For a new brand Fortuner car having the market price of around 40 lakh, accused persons used to get Rs 3-4 lakh.

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