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Heroin worth Rs 600 cr seized, two Afghan nationals arrested

NEW DELHI: A suspicious movement of fleet of luxury cars with foreigners in the lanes and bylanes of South East Delhi's Zakir Nagar, the vigilant spotters of Delhi Police's Special Cell and the active trailing of the mysterious cars led the Department to bust an industrial set up for processing fine quality Afghan heroin that has been smuggled into India.

The Police operation that took months to uncover the clandestine operations resulted in the seizure of 150 kilograms of fine quality heroin worth Rs 600 crore in the International market.

Five persons have been arrested including two Afgan nationals by the Cell. Jute bags soaked in heroin solution and transported to India with spices from Afghanistan and later the bags were collected and the heroin reconstituted in the Industrial set up in Delhi.

Cops grew suspicious when they saw high-end cars uncharacteristic of local demography and socio-economic profiles making rounds in Zakir Nagar at regular intervals.

Soon, it emerged that this group of persons, including some foreign nationals, was in fact in the final stages of assembling some kind of industrial set-up in a very densely populated area of Zakir Nagar.

Further watch and surveillance revealed that the syndicate was using a fleet of luxury sedans which moved in convoys which would leave Delhi in late night-early morning hours and would not stop before it reached interior Punjab and other neighbouring states.

On July 17, near Ashram Flyover, two persons Dheeraj and Raes Khan, travelling in two separate cars, were apprehended. On a careful search of their respective vehicles, a total of 60 kilograms fine quality contraband, suspected to be Heroin, parcelled in packets weighing approximately 1 kg.

"They were working for the drug syndicate to give the initial impetus and to iron out the teething issues which come with the establishment of a clandestine narcotics processing unit in Zakir Nagar. From this site, a total of another 60 kilograms of processed Afghan Heroin was recovered, another 30 kg of heroin was recovered from another arrested man vakeel," said Manishi Chandra, DCP Special Cell. Akhtar Mohammad Shinwari and Shinwari Rehmant Gul two Afgan nationals from Jalalabad were deployed in India to oversee the operation in India who have been arrested.

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