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Haryana govt to enhance urban farming

GURUGRAM: A two day workshop on enhancement of urban farming has been organised in Gurugram by Haryana government included agriculture ministers and public officials from states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. This event is being organised at a time when residents of Delhi and regions around it are grappling from high prices of vegetables.
On the first day, there were discussions on how to improve the structure of farming around Delhi -NCR so that there is no dearth of food items and the farmers will also be able to sell their produce by earning good profits.
Among the solutions that were discussed, was to encourage the mode of organic farming.
Moreover, there were options that were discussed on how to use new and innovative methods of farming that will increase the production of dairy, horticultural items and fruits.
In times when the spaces around the urban areas are getting constricted there were also discussions of how to grow items in vacant city spaces, terraces and house plots. It was also discussed that how urbanised villages can again be encouraged to get back to farming.
"There is a need to device new methods of farming as there is still room for enormous growth in this sector with new techniques and methods.
"During the two day workshop we plan to discuss various issues that will lead to growth of agriculture especially in the urban context where again a lot of development can be done," said Om Prakash Dhankar, Agriculture Minister from Haryana.
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