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Hardcore criminal could be behind petrol pump owner robbery case

New Delhi: The way the crime unfolded in the case of the petrol owner Kamaljeet Sethi suggests that the accused can be a hardcore criminal. This was one of the theories which have been the parts of an investigation in the case of Sethi, a petrol pump owner who was shot in Malviya Nagar area.
Investigator told Millennium Post that the incident seemed to be planned as the victim was following Sethi from long distance which suggests the accused can be involved in several criminal cases which include hardcore crime.
"The planning and the shooting incident it is not easy for a newcomer, we have been investigating the case from all angles and we are working on this theory also," said the investigator.
Police are also probing the role of criminals from NCR regions as after committing the crime the accused might had fled to NCR regions. So far, the investigation suggests that proper planning was done before committing the crime. Police have also been raiding several areas in the Capital and more than 100 police personnel have been working to solve the case.
Police sources claimed that the investigators were scanning the CCTV of the areas recorded a few days back to check few suspects who have been continuously seen there and they have also questioned several persons in this regard. The call details of the relatives and the known persons of Sethi have been scanned as police suspect the role of an insider in giving the information to the accused about the victim carrying the cash.
On Tuesday, Sethi was shot by an armed assailant who fled with Rs 13 lakh nearby a bank in Malviya Nagar area.
Police sources claimed that they were studying the crime pattern of the incidents happened in NCR areas where persons were shot and robbed. A list which has the name of more than 100 criminals including the criminals who are on bail with the same modus operandi have been made by city police.

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