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Gurugram's trademark Raahgiri now shifts to Palam Vihar area

Gurugram: For citizens of Gurugram, who have been a part of Raahgiri since 2013, DLF Galleria has become synonymous with the event ever since it was conceptualised.
In order to expand its base and make it more popular among citizens of other parts of the city, the organisers of Raahgiri decided to hold it in a different area of the city.
On Sunday, the event, for the first time, was held in Palam Vihar at Rezang-la road and saw a huge turnout.
"It is important that we must try to expand this unique and beautiful concept to other parts of the city as well, so that more can join the movement," said Seema Tandon, a city resident.
Considered to be a unique initiative to create a society that is less dependent on motorvehciles, Raahgiri had gained immense popularity among Gurugram residents as a pro-environment activity.
Lack of funds, however, had led to its closure for a while in Gurugram – the city where it originated.
In a city where the levels of social interaction have also been lower than usual, Raahgiri – held every Sunday – is also credited for bring different groups of citizens together.
With a large number of people across all age groups attending the weekly affair, eventually corporate sponsorship began taking interest in Raahgiri.
Taking cue from its neighbouring city, even the national Capital of Delhi organised a Raahgiri event of its own in Rajiv Chowk area around two years ago.
For some time in 2017, loss of interest among Gurugram residents, lack of adequate sponsors and little assistance from public authorities had resulted in the announcement of the closure of Raahgiri.
However, various residents expressed their displeasure and highlighted that the event's closure will affect not only Gurugram but even other urban areas adversely.
A group of citizens beseeched public officials that Raahgiri should not be allowed to face a sudden and abrupt end, resulting in its revival.
The event has even received plaudits from senior government officials in the district.
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