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Gurugram witnesses major investment in digitisation

With services and industries playing key roles in ensuring that Haryana registered a healthy growth rate of 9 percent, Gurugram's role towards state development has become all the more significant.

Maximum investment in service and industrial sectors has been done in Gurugram and the district contributes maximum to the state of Haryana.

The service sector in 2016-17 which grew at 10.7 percent contributed 51.7 percent of the revenue to the state exchequer.

While there was no direct mention of specific Budget allocation to Gurugram, the state government has allocated a substantial amount towards digitisation and power sectors that are vital for Gurugram's growth. Trying to ensure that there is a fillip for cash transactions, Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu mentioned that all government transactions over Rs 5,000 will now only be done digitally. With lack of transparency being one of the major complaints in government payments, Captain Abhimanyu highlighted that enhancement in digitisation will reduce corruption in the said departments.

Besides the payments, the Haryana government will also enhance digitisation for selection of teachers and also for the sale of properties by forming a real estate portal.

With the power department in the state incurring losses and reeling under debt, the state government said that the government will take over certain debts of the power departments to improve their financial condition.

The Haryana government has further stated that from April 1 the power rates will be reduced for consumers and the industries. Taking into cognisance the severe ground water depletion in Gurugram and areas of South Haryana, Captain Abhimanyu has also proposed to develop the pipeline system for better water supply.

The state Budget for 2017-18 became the first Budget where for budget of over Rs 1 lakh crore has been proposed by the Haryana government.

In the Budget, the state government has attempted to ensure the holistic development of both urban and rural areas. Sizeable amounts have been allocated in agriculture, social welfare for children and women, education and health.

Emphasis has also been given to developing the state's transportation structure, skill development among youth and small scale industrial units.
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