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Gurugram witnesses 70 dengue cases in October

Gurugram: The change of season has not resulted in the dengue virus subsiding in the city. Rather than a decrease, number of patients only seems to be increasing. Over 500 suspected cases were reported last month. While the data from the District health department says that there have been 70 confirmed cases of dengue, management in the private hospitals affirms that the cases seem to be on a higher side.
The health department officials, however, asserted that most of the minor ailments were also being regarded as vector-borne diseases.
With the number of patients not decreasing, a new ward has been set up at the civil hospital for the treatment. Special teams have also been created by the district administration to create awareness among the people to protect themselves.
Large scale construction activities happening in Gurugram is proving to be a menace in tackling vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria. With most of these sites having poor drainage facilities, water can still be found stranded in these places thus making it ripe for the larvae to grow.
Besides construction activities carried out by private builders, there are also large scale developmental activities of revamping city's infrastructure across various parts. At most of the sites, the stages of construction are at the beginning stretch which has resulted in large pits being dug where the water gets stored.
The health department on its part will take steps to ensure that the citizens in Gurugram remain protected from vector-borne diseases. "We are still asking them to take adequate precautions as the dangers of dengue have not subsided. Fogging is also carried out in places where the complaints are being received," said Dr. BK Rajora, CMO hief Medical Officer of Civil Hospital Gurugram.

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