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Gurugram takes emergency measures to prevent Swine flu

Gurugram takes emergency measures to prevent Swine flu

Gurugram: The Gurugram health department has begun to take the emergency steps to prevent the Swine flu disease becoming an epidemic in the city.

Proximity to Rajasthan where already 43 persons died due to Swine flu and a rapid increase in the cases of the disease resulting the deaths is the major factor which have cautioned the authorities.

Cooperating with the private hospitals in the city, 65 ventilators have been added for the patients who are in the severe category of the disease. The stock of Tami flu tablets have been increased and the monitoring of the inventory is also being done on regular basis. Moreover, the hours of OPD functioning has been increased to deal with the patients suffering from the disease.

There have been 34 confirmed cases of Swine flu that have already been detected in Gururgam.

Besides confirmed cases, there have been 62 suspected cases. It is important to note that after a gap of two years, there were cases of Swine flu that were reported from Gurugram.

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