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Gurugram one of the top picks for viability checking of electric vehicle charging stations

Gurugram one of the top picks for viability checking of electric vehicle charging stations

Gurugram: Most private companies are taking Gurugram as the test case for electric vehicle charging stations. At present, private sector companies, mostly from foreign, are tying up with realty majors to find a preferred spot for setting up electric charging facility in Gurugram.

Subsequently, all the government officials are also planning to change their diesel vehicles in favour of electric vehicles. Gurugram administration is also likely to set up some electric vehicle charging stations.

Taking cognisance of the increased vehicular pollution there, Gurugram administration will invest more in electric vehicles to an extent of even making their mode of transportation through electric cars.

According to sources, there are also plans to bring in 100 electric buses that will be used for public transportation purposes. All of these plans are being formulated at a time when a large number of diesel vehicles can be still seen plying on city roads.

Diesel autos are believed to be the major source of pollution in the city. The 500 electric rickshaws which are on city roads at present seems to be far less to accommodate the commuters.

"Most people in the national capital region including Gurugram opt for the two-wheelers because of high speed and range which is beneficial considering the distances," said a dealer in electric vehicles.

Listing the challenges on the growth of electric vehicles, he said, "A high-speed electric vehicle costs four times more than the normal vehicle. Moreover, the lithium batteries being used lasts three years. The high-speed lithium battery-run vehicles can grow exponentially if the prices are reduced with the help of additional incentives," he added.

Significantly, a large number of companies that are in the business of service delivery of electric vehicles have their base in Gurugram. Even though the city is plagued with the poor public transportation system, most of the residents are also taking unique initiatives to ensure less usage of cars. Most of them are from residential condominiums and office complexes who are using their vehicles as an efficient system of carpooling option.

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