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Gurugram Lok Sabha seat gives voice to urban and rural voters

Gurugram Lok Sabha seat gives voice to urban and rural voters

Gurugram: The rapid progress and urbanisation of Gurugram have ensured that the urban voters will have as much of a say through their votes as the rural voters. According to the official sources, there are 718 wards in urban areas and 1,195 wards in rural areas. While areas of Gurugram, Sohna, Pataudi and Rewari form crucial urban wards whole of Mewat district is a base for rural voters. It is also going to be a challenge for the candidates that how they will deal with the expectations of the 20 lakh voters that will be exercising their votes in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Even as Gurugram and the surrounding which is fast mushrooming into a metropolitan area deals with the challenges of urban infrastructure the scenario in Mewat is completely different. Mewat that has a total of five lakh voters was recently declared as the most backward district in the country. Not only is the district that has a glorious historical past struggling to provide quality education, healthcare and transportation to its citizens it has also not been able to provide clean drinking water.

A large number of residents are still forced to rely on extracting water from the groundwater reserves. A large number of pollutants and toxins present has resulted in a huge number of cases of cancer being reported from the region. While every leader in the past has acknowledged the backwardness of Mewat not much has been done to improve the situation,

At 12.5 per cent voters from Mewat form the second largest base of voters after Ahirs which has a base percentage of 17 per cent. Other significant voters are Punjabis, Jats, Brahmins, Baniyas and Jains.

At 10,82,870 for the first time Gurugram district comprising of Gurugra, Sohna, Pataudi and Badshahpur will have more than a million citizens who will be eligible to cast their vote in the upcoming General as well as assembly elections. In the given set there will be 5,12,506 women and 5,70,364 men voters. The figure has seen a rise from 9,36,471 voters who had voted in 2014 elections. The rise in the number of voters can be gauged from the fact that in just one year there have been 27,689 voters who have been added. Gurugram district has always voted proactively. In the last General elections, the voting percentage was over 70. We would want this healthy trend to continue. In the coming months we will be providing facilities by enhancing the communication channels so that the eligible voters do not face any hassles," said a senior public official.

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