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Gurugram: Govt said 6 hours but residents are dealing with much longer power cuts

Gurugram: Govt said 6 hours but residents are dealing with much longer power cuts

Gurugram: Even as temperatures continue to rise and authorities in Gurugram plan load shedding schedules in light of the power crisis, residents in the city have started complaining of more than the scheduled hours of power cuts, calling for the government to take notice of their plight.

The state power department has officially stated that residents must brace for at least six hours of power cuts daily. What is irking several residents is that the duration of power cuts is now extending to more than six hours and up to ten hours now. In some societies of New Gurugram, there have been also reports of how residents have been forced to live without power for close to eighteen hours.

Even though the majority of the households in Gurugram possess an electrical inverter or a diesel generator, the long duration of power cuts has forced many of the residents to spend their nights on rooftops. Already sustaining losses due to low productivity because of power cuts ranging from 10 to 12 hours daily, the industrial association of Manesar and Dharuhera have written to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar appraising him of the difficult situation being faced by the industrialists due to no power supply.

Taking aim at the BJP-run Haryana government, AAP leader Dr Sarika Verma said, "CM Manohar Lal Khattar had promised to make Gurugram an inverter-free city. However, just a year after making this promise, Gurugram residents are suffering from long sweaty days of power outages. The minimum duration of power cuts in most parts of Gurugram is nowadays at least six hours."

The power crisis being faced by the residents also comes at a time when Gurugram has witnessed temperatures of more than 46 degrees Celsius. The intense dry heat continued even on Sunday but residents did see a brief respite from the heat with winds picking up speed. The weather office has said that the NCR is likely to see strong winds, thunderstorms and light rain in the coming week.

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