Gurugram cops to teach school kids about traffic rules

Gurugram cops to teach school kids about traffic rules
Gurugram: After achieving a reasonable degree of success in imparting awareness of sex-education in terms of making students aware of bad touch and good touch, the Gurugram Police now wanted to widen the scope.
The district police now, in coordination with various private organisations, is going to impart training in basic traffic rules in various Gurugram schools that will be public as well as private.
With most of the deadly mishaps occurring mainly due to the carelessness of the drivers, senior Gurugram Police officials hope that involvement of children will help in imparting better sense among the commuters.
"Children form a favourable impression among the parents. We really feel that rather than making improvement through imparting fear in terms of levying heavy fines, we must invest energy in making the children aware that can lead to a favourable outcome," said a senior official from Gurugam police.
According to an official estimate, more than 65 per cent of the accidents in Gurugram is caused due to overspeeding.
Gurugram Police had earlier started awareness session on POCSO (Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences) for school students.
These sessions are carried out by women officers of Gurugram Police, along with practising lawyers, to help children of Classes VIII and IX understand the nuances of sexual harassment against children, how to report such incidents and also about the helpline and prevention.
These sessions will also be carried out at workplaces to sensitize women about Sexual Harassment at workplaces and their rights.
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