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Gurugram cops fire at vehicle after it doesn't stop for checking

Gurugram cops fire at vehicle after it doesnt stop for checking

Gurugram: In October 2018, a senior executive from Apple died after constables of Lucknow police fired at him for allegedly not stopping his vehicle. Three months later, the Gururgam police found themselves in the same spot where cops had to pull the trigger in a busy street. Luckily in this incident, there was no casualty but it resulted in serious allegations being levelled against the officials of the district police.

On Saturday evening, Brij Yadav was moving in his car when he was suddenly asked to stop by beat constables at Basai. The victim did not stop and raced ahead.

This did not go down well with the district police and they followed the car to make sure that the driver stops for checking. According to the victim, the police then fired gunshots at his vehicle, the images of which were caught on CCTV.

What was believed to be a tactic of police officials to intimidate changed completely after the victim's brother accused certain officials of the crime branch of having an ulterior motive. The family who has reportedly been receiving threats from the dreaded Kaushal gang has got some security from the district police.

The victims' brother however alleged that the firing incident was carried out by the directions of certain officials of Gurugram police to scare the family.

"There may be a possibility of this incident being a pre-planned attack. We are at odds with a dreaded gangster and on the pretext of gang war the police carried out this act. There should be a high-level investigation that should be initiated into the case," said Ramesh, the victim's brother.

There has been no official statement by the Gururam police on the matter but sources in the police claim that there was a routine checking campaign by the police. It has to be noted that after the controversial death of gangster Sandeep Gadoli by officials of Gurugram police in Mumbai in 2016, questions have been raised on when really the cops should use the trigger.

Once dependent on encounter specialists, the Gurugram Police now wants to play safely in using their services in dealing with the deadly gangs operating in Gurugram.

For a long time, the service of the special men trained solely to kill was a strategy adopted for elimination of dangerous gang leaders of Gurugram.

However controversial process involved during encounters, judicial intervention and high costs used for the department for encounter specialists have resulted the change in strategy for the Gurugram Police.

Police sources in the Crime Branch maintain that there has been a reduction in the dangers posed by the deadly gangs of Gurugram since most of their leaders have either been eliminated or arrested.

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