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Gurugram: Congress and other parties look for strong candidate

Gurugram: The process of finalising the candidate for ten seats of Haryana has begun with BSP-LSP announcing some candidates. For major parties, it is a major challenge to finalise a candidate that has high chances of winning from the largest Lok Sabha seat in Haryana. As per sources, the Congress has already finalised candidates for six seats in the state but have done zeroed in on Gurugram as yet. As for BJP while they are struggling to find winnable candidates in other seats in Gurugam it is almost certain that Rao Inderjit will contest.

In order to wrest its bastion the Congress there are also rumours to field candidates that include Sharmila Tagore or Sara Pilot. In 2014 Congress had fielded Rao Dharampal who had come a distant third in the race. Confusion still persists that will there be four parties namely Congress, BJP, INLD, AAP-JJP ow will there be a coalition of sorts to defeat BJP.

Even though INLD Chief claimed that it will fight all the ten seats by itself it has been sending overtures to JJP in an indirect manner where it has mentioned that there is room for the alliance. Even though it has not been officially announced it is believed that AAM Aadmi Party and newly formed JJP will form an alliance to contest 10 seats in Haryana. With AAP having a strong influence in Gurugram owing to proximity to Delhi it is estimated that it will be the AAP candidate that will be contested Haryana largest Lok Sabha constituency. The posters of AAP can already be seen in various areas of the city and if sources are to be believed the interview of the candidates have also begun for the elections that will be held on May 12.

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