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Gurugram civic agencies to devise plans for reduction in underpasses accidents

Gurugram civic agencies to devise plans for reduction in underpasses accidents

Gurugram: Gurugram civic agencies are now devising several measures to reduce the number of accidents and mishaps in the underpasses. In the beginning of the year itself, there have been two deaths due to accidents in the underpasses at the Golf Course Road. Taking cognisance of accidents being caused due to varying speed level of the vehicles there are plans to create separate lanes for two wheelers and four wheelers. There are also plans for the building of rumbling strips along the underpasses that will caution the drivers of the speeding vehicles alongside them. Despite various plans at present, there has been no consensus that has been built of implementing these measures as of now by the officials.

On part of the Gururgam metropolitan development authority (GMDA) the agency that is responsible for the upkeep of underpasses at the Golf Course road there are plans to install CCTV cameras so that the traffic violators who drive rashly can be caught. Reducing the accidents at the underpass is one of the top priorities of the public officials under the Haryana zero campaign.

Traffic indiscipline and structural flaws are now creating these enhanced forms of road infrastructure a death trap for the commuters. According to official estimates, there have been already ten accidents at various underpasses which have claimed six lives. In Rajiv Chowk in 2018, there were two deadly accidents in the underpass resulting in the loss of two lives.

In shocking information, the Rajiv Chowk and Signature Chowk underpass that was opened six months ago still do not have the electricity condition from DHBVN and operate on diesel gensets.

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