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Gurugram casino bust: Co-owner did not learn from past mistakes

GURUGRAM: The age old adage of 'once bitten twice shy' did not hold true in the case of Kapil, the co-owner of the illegal casino in South City that was busted by Gurugram Police this week.
According to police sources, Kapil had earlier also been involved in running illegal casinos. He had been arrested five years ago for running similar illegal business, but was lucky to escape conviction.
After spending some time in Chandigarh, he returned to Gurugram around a year ago and began exploring opportunities to restart his illegal casinos in Delhi–NCR.
For this, he partnered with Paramajeet Singh, a suspended police official who was on the run since he was charged with the fake encounter of gangster Sandeep Gadoli.
Initially, Kapil found it difficult to find posh areas in the city where his casino could be opened.
Eventually, he and Paramjeet zeroed in on the three-storeyed bungalow in the posh South City area and opened his gambling den.
Kapil's local contacts enabled him to get hold of a large number of customers in a short span of time. Moreover, as Paramjeet had served in Gurugram Police, there also were some district police officials who frequented the place.
Law enforcement officials are now trying to investigate Kapil's links in other illegal gambling units functioning in Delhi-NCR.
On Wednesday night, a special team of the district police raided their casino and arrested 43 people, which also included four women employees. Most of the arrested were gamblers at the casino.
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