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Gurugram administration adopts carrot & stick policy

Gurugram administration adopts carrot & stick policy

GURUGRAM: To make sure that only a few citizens venture out on city roads, the Gurugram administration adopted carrot and stick policy.

On one hand where the Gurugram Police took stern steps against the offenders of the lockdown, the district administration tried to allay fears of the people regarding the supply of essential items.

According to police officials, 76 people were booked and 64 vehicles were impounded for not following the government instructions. The Gurugram Police officials have made sure that there is heavy barricading at major roads so that it can stop those vehicles not involved in essential services.

On Tuesday night when crowds of people gathered at the grocery stores to buy essential items, reports also emerged of police personnel closing the shops in parts of Old Gurugram.

"There are some citizens who are disobeying the orders but by and large now people are cooperating. We are asking for their identity cards because it is important for us to know for which purpose is the person stepping out after which we can allow them to go ahead," said constable Mahipal, who had the duty of managing the traffic at Delhi-Jaipur Expressway, which on normal day sees a movement of over eight lakh vehicles.

The Gurugram Police Commissioner has already warned that if there is no cooperation from the people during the lockdown period, the authorities will be forced to enforce curfew.

In order to prevent overcrowding at grocery, vegetable and medical shops, the district administration also tried to allay fears by starting mobile grocery stores. It asked various resident welfare groups to come forth and purchase items, including pulses, wheat flour, rice, sugar and salt.

Officials along with Gurugram Police personnel were also deployed to make sure that social distancing norms were maintained in the wholesale markets. An experiment

that has gained popularity in South India and Gujarat, in Gurugram, too, circles were drawn at a distance of one meter to make sure people practice social distancing.

Confusion regarding the operations of online delivery service agents was also cleared with the Gurugram Police giving the approval for online delivery service agents to operate.

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