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Gurugram: 11 leopards killed in 4 years

Gurugram: 11 leopards killed in 4 years

Gurugram: Heavy traffic mainly comprising of heavy vehicles, poorly lit roads again resulted in a tragedy at Gurugram-Faridabad road on Tuesday night after a 10-month-old female leopard was found dead on Gurgaon-Faridabad road, with officials suspecting she was run over by a heavy vehicle.

The postmortem indicated major internal injuries and ruptured organs. The officials may claim that there has been a surge in the population of wild cats in the Aravallis but the recent incident has again highlighted that how lack of an effective mechanism is putting the lives of leopards at risk.

According to official data, 11 leopards have been killed in four years. What is of more concern is that there has been increasing in the incidents of leopards coming into the human areas.

Once natural aquifers, a major reason cited for this is depleting water table in the Aravallis.

The man-made pits in Aravallis meant for meeting drinking water requirements for the fauna and are to be filled by officials through pipeline water. But, they are left dry as the officials stated that most of the pipelines are used for other construction activities and hence they are unable to meet the capacity of the pits.

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