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Gunfire inside Gurugram mall exposes security lapses

Gurugram: Sunday's incident of gunfire inside the MG road mall not only highlighted the violent side of inter-group rivalries but once again exposed the lapses in security measures at the mall mile. Over 15 people were able to enter the prominent mall with deadly weapons and were able to carry out a murderous assault on their rivals.
While there have been criticism over the external security, questions are now being raised on the internal security as well.
In over dozen of malls that are located at the MG road there are claims of possessing a comprehensive system of frisking the customers who are entering the commercial premises. Yet, most of the management in these malls conceded that Sunday's incident was a wake-up call for them to further strengthen their systems.
"We have a high footfall in our malls and we make sure that there are no mistakes committed by our security personnel. Sunday's incident however has shown that there may be something more that needs to be done. We are going to hold a training session for our security personnel and teach them about how to deal with emergency situations effectively," said an official in charge of security of one of the malls at MG road.
In the wake of recent incidents of daring crime that have occurred on city roads, senior police officials of the rank of DCP's and ACP's along with other personnel were given the duty to ensure law and order at the mall mile. Many senior police officials used to inspect the situation during weekends when large number of people from Delhi-NCR used to visit the area.
Residents along the area now say that there has to be a consistent effort by law enforcement officials to make sure that people remain secure.
"It is scary to imagine that people enter inside a prominent mall and fire gunshots. It only reflects that the internal as well external security system needs improvement. Even now you will see that most of the police posts at the area do not have police officials. The law and order challenge needs to be tackled together by law enforcement officials as well as the citizens," said Sanjay Tandon, a city resident.
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