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Govt training 18,000 teachers to prepare for happiness curriculum

 Sayantan Ghosh |  2018-07-13 18:12:12.0

Govt training 18,000 teachers to prepare for happiness curriculum

NEW DELHI: Delhi government has started training of 18,000 teachers for three days to prepare them for the happiness curriculum. In a first of its kind, the training here is not on education but on how to do holistic development of the students. "Around 18,000 teachers were imparted training on Happiness curriculum. 3,000 teachers per shift will get training twice a day for three days," said a source in the Delhi government.

The curriculum, meant for students up to Class-8, and does not require textbooks, will involve 45 minutes of activity daily with an emphasis on meditation, value-based education, story-telling with focus on values and reflective questions. Each class will begin with a five-minute meditation practice. The "Happiness Committee" has presented the 'Happiness Triad', which includes three aspects –through our senses, feelings in the relationship, and learning and awareness –which lead to sustainable happiness. The committee has harped on 'mindfulness'. The Happiness Curriculum Framework has been designed following the guidelines in the National Curriculum Framework (NCERT, 2005).

The design of the framework by the Delhi government emphasises on "connecting knowledge to life outside school", "learning without rote method", "overall development rather than being textbook centric", "making examinations more flexible and integrated into classroom life", and "nurturing an overriding identity informed by concerns within the democratic polity of the country". In order to make the environment stimulating, the curriculum has various methodologies –'joyful' exercise, indoor games, active inquiry, reflective conversations, storytelling, guided practices of mindfulness, group discussions, role-play skits, individual and group presentations, and activities for rapport building and teamwork.

The students of Delhi government schools will have a 45-minute 'happiness' period from Thursday, with a five-minute meditation practice. The effect of this involving 10 lakh students and around 50,000 teachers can be imagined. It is our belief that the modern day problems like terrorism, corruption and pollution can be solved through schools and a human-centric education," Education Minister Manish Sisodia said. CM Kejriwal said that it is the third stage of reforms in education sector initiated by his government after focusing on infrastructure development and motivation of teachers at the government schools. "Education is our topmost priority. The Centre and other state governments should give one year, focusing on education at a war footing," he said. The CM said that there was a need to "overhaul" the present education system that has not been able to produce "good human being" and added that "Happiness Curriculum" was a "solid step" towards this aim.

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