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Govt school in Kalyanpuri raided, two squatters arrested

NEW DELHI: Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday night participated in a raid at a municipal school in Block 19, Kalyanpuri, during which two persons who were illegally occupying a classroom were arrested.
The raids were conducted after Aam Aadmi Party councillor Kuldeep Kumar was informed of gross violation of safety norms at the school.
"People stay there at night and keep all their garments and working items in the classrooms. The school is for small kids and if sharp tools are kept in the open, they might cause serious harm to students," said Sisodia.
He added that the school is used at night by renters to cook food and store carpentry tools in a cupboard.
"Playing with the safety of kids by the schools will not be tolerated at any cost," said Sisodia, who is also the Deputy Chief Minister.
A Chief Secretary level inquiry has been ordered into the matter and all concerned agencies have been instructed to cooperate in the process.
It has been learnt that the two persons had been staying in the school for the past three months and are relatives of the school guard's. The guard revealed that the school principal was well aware of the 'arrangement'.
Sisodia stated he has also instructed the Directorate of Education (DoE) to issue orders to every school regarding security checks.
"I want every principal and administrator to review the condition of their schools and assure that such incidents do not happen," he said.
Sisodia elaborated that the DoE has received similar complaints from some MCD-run schools and will investigate the matter. "Our prime focus is to ensure the safety of these kids and we will do it," Sisodia asserted.
Earlier, Kuldeep Kumar had inspected the same school and found the same irregularities. After his visit, Kumar felt the need of government interference in the matter.
The councillor said that he had informed Sisodia about discrepancies in the school after parents approached him with complaints. The raid was conducted after informing police.
This is not the first time that surprise raids have taken place at different schools. Earlier, a school in President's Estate had been raided too.
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