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Govt holds mega parent-teacher meeting in all 1,041 schools

NEW DELHI: Happiness and Entrepreneurship Mindset curriculum were discussed in Mega PTM as parents were enthusiastic about new initiatives, said Education Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia on Friday. This year's Mega Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) has been organised by the Delhi government in all 1,041 schools. The Mega PTM was launched in July 2016 and has become a key feature of the school calendar in all government schools. It has significantly enhanced parent-teacher interaction and partnership in children's education.

Deputy Chief Minister and education minister Manish Sisodia personally visited several schools throughout the day to interact with the parents, teachers and children who attended the PTMs. "Today's PTM is special because it has been organised specifically to sensitize parents about the new initiatives being taken in their children's school. Parents should be aware of what children are learning so they can provide sound support for them even at home. Parents feedback about schools is tremendously positive. It gives us a lot of confidence in the reform process and suggests that things are moving in the right direction. Parents want PTMs like today's to continue," said the education minister.

He added that the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum was highly appreciated by all parents who felt that this was the need of the hour. Parents enthusiastically assured teachers that they would support the child in the activities suggested under the curriculum.

"Our aim of promoting a discussion on the entrepreneurship mindset curriculum was achieved today. The excitement in parents for the curriculum goes to show that the demand for such measures was always there. But the government's focus on education has led to many such steps being taken that have transformed the overall quality of education in government schools," said Education Minister Sisodia.

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